Mesmerizing Wildlife Footage: Tigers’ Serene Water Oasis with Family (Video)

Majestic tiger family filmed drinking water together, video amazes Twitter

Tigers can be hard to spot even when one is on a safari. That’s why this tweet from Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda is a treat for nature lovers. Earlier today, Nanda tweeted a video of a tigress with her three cubs drinking water at a watering hole.

The majestic posture of the exotic animals is a pleasure to watch, and people on Twitter cannot stop posting comments about them. In his tweet, the IFS officer wrote “A tiger can live without food for 2 weeks, but without water for 4 days max.”

Within these few hours, the video has collected almost 6,000 views and more than 1,000 likes – and still counting. The tweet has also gathered several reactions – while some are surprised at such a clear view of the tigers drinking water, many are amazed with the posture and beautiful stance of the animals while they drink water.

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Au Gia Lam